Saturday, March 1, 2014

OnTop of the World Democratic Party Club, Ocala, Fl

Al the resident manager, John and Susan both residents of the Ocala Ritz Veterans Village attended the On Top Of the World Democratic Party Club monthly meeting here in Ocala by invitation. Members of the Democratic Party Club have been with us from day one and sponsored some of our apartments. On this day, they as a club donated a car full of much needed pantry supplies which amounted to many dollars also one member gave me enough money to buy supper for the three of us on the way home. I would like to issue challenge to the local Republican Party and the Tea Party to take action and supply us with the following needs. Two day beds for visiting family members for when veterans are ill and need family support, three office separators, and office furniture for our newly renovated offices and veteran family center. Just think you will be able to brag that you helped Veterans in your own districts, please no hate mail, I have no shame when it comes to supplying our veterans with there needs. PS none of this comes from my bosses who will more than likely discuss my demise. Al

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Young Artist show their best work to the Ocala Ritz Veterans Village

The below pictures were painted by young artists from the Hillcrest School of Ocala, Fl.
The children wanted to do something for the veterans at the veterans village.  Here is
their exceptional art called WARHORSE.

We will have an official ceremony in the near future to honor these young artist.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

L/Cpl David Garrett Burgess, U. S. Marine Corps fund raiser

L/Cpl David Garrett Burgess wounded in combat In Afghanistan, medivac’d  to Germany
 and then to Walter Reed in Maryland for rehabilitation. Garrett went through six surgeries
 while at Walter Reed and has a very long rehabilitation ahead of him.  While all this was going
on in this young Marines life, he and his wife are now the proud parents of a baby boy.

This young hero never had a home coming party and this is where my request comes in.
Family and friends invite you to his home coming party Feb 8th at 6:00pm at Old Mojo’s
On South Pine Ave.  There is no admission fee but a dinner benefit will all go to this
Young hero to help him and his family along.  For $20.00 you get a dinner and a drink and
all proceeds go to Garrett.

If you cannot make it to the  party please send a small donation to help this young Marine.
Please send checks made payable to Ocala Outreach Foundation and in the memo section
put Garrett Burgess in the memo and mail to Mojo’s Grill and Catering Co., 2015 SW 17th St,
Ocala, Fl 34471 or you can mail checks and cash To Al Morrison, Ocala Ritz Veterans Village,
111 NE 12th Ave, Ocala, Fl 34470.  If you have any questions concerning the event the lady
to call is Becky Johns at 352-572-3982.  

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lady Veterans and the Veterans Village

In the 17 months that we have been open we have had six
women veterans in our program.  This is a two year transitional
program with room for three women and 47 male veterans.
The last of the first three lady veterans left last week with a
new job and new apartment which the community helped to
furnish thru a request sent by us to our supporter list.  The
status on the next three ladies that are all recent admission
to the program are also go-getter.  One recently enrolled at
the Central Florida Community College, one has already got
a part time job and the last lady veteran to arrive several
weeks ago is still going thru the orientation program which
includes medical appointments, dental, and eye clinics
appointments to name a few but she is also looking for
full time work.  Why I am writing this story is that as the
resident manager residing on the premises 24/7 the women
are harder to deal with than the men, I have to watch every
word I say and they are use to using women tactics to get
their way but after a few months they see we are here to
help them and they excel and seem very motivated to get
their lives back together much faster than our male veterans.
That is just my opinion based on what I have seen here at the
Veterans Village.

I think there are a lot of women veterans out there living under
bad situations having no place to go to be and feel safe.  Many
have had bad experiences while in our armed forces and are
a little leery of veteran programs for homeless women.
We need many more programs like this for women as many
more will be in bad situations as the military draws down. 
Volunteers of America – Fl has a vast amount of resources to
help our veterans in our transitional programs and in the near
future I hope to see more housing for our women veterans.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Marion County Veterans Services

Marion County Veterans Services and the
local chapter of the Military Chaplains Association invite you to join them for the 

Four Chaplains Memorial Ceremony
Feb. 2, 2014 | 3-4 p.m.
Ocala/Marion County Veterans Memorial Park
2601 SE Fort King St., Ocala

For more information,
please contact Veterans Services at 352-671-84